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This information has been prepared to assist you in planning and meeting the necessary requirements for a safe and enjoyable Special Event. Uniquely situated on Long Island Sound, Norwalk has a vibrant downtown, remarkable schools, and beautiful beaches and parks, making it an ideal venue for Special Events.

“SPECIAL EVENTS” are a form of Public Gathering, and as such, they are subject to Chapter 88 of the Norwalk City Charter. All Public Gatherings (and therefore all Special Events) require a License to be obtained in advance from the Norwalk City Clerk.


According to the Norwalk City Charter, a PUBLIC GATHERING is:

Any assembly, music festival, carnival, show, circus, dance, exhibition, lecture, concert, party, celebration or similar event or activity which can reasonably be anticipated to include or attract 100 or more persons and is:

  1. Open to the public or to which members of the public are invited or admitted either for a charge or free of cost.
  2. Held out-of-doors or other than in a permanent structure that was constructed so that it could be used for conducting such an event or activity; provided, however, that the incidental use of any patio, courtyard, deck or other area adjacent to and outside of permanent structure by participants at the event or activity shall be exempt.

Religious services and school functions, including but not limited to Board of Education, PTO and student events, shall not be considered "Public Gatherings."

Examples Include:

  • Competitive Events: Foot races, tournament, road race, marathon, fun runs or walks, bike races or tours, or any other competitive event which interferes with pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or takes place in a City owned park, trail or open space.
  • Community Events: Festivals, fairs, arts and crafts shows, car shows, outdoor concerts/theatre/performance event, carnivals, rally or other event which interferes with pedestrian or vehicular traffic or takes place in a City owned park, trail or open space.
  • Parade: A march, assembly, or procession, including religious procession, which interferes with pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic.
  • Block Party: A social gathering on a residential street which requires the closure of the street, or a portion of it. Police notification is required for any block party.
  • Water or coastal event – kayaking, regatta, group swim, or other water event.
  • PTA or PTO function open to the public held outside of regular school hours.
  • Fundraiser including political fundraiser.
  • Film permit: Please complete a Film Permit Application 
  • Other event: For more information, please email NorwalkSpecialEvents@norwalkct.org.

If your event falls into one of the categories above, you will need to submit a Special Event Permit application, so please keep reading.


A completed application, with all required attachments, must be submitted to the City Clerk’s office not less than 60 days before the date of the event.

Other requirements

  • Site Plan and/or Route Map. A site plan and/or route map is required for all events that interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or takes place in a City-owned park, trail or open space. Please upload a copy with your application.
  • Application Fee for Special Events Permit. A $50 application fee is required for all Public Gatherings. If you are a not-for-profit organization, please provide your tax-exempt ID number and a copy of the tax-exempt certificate. This fee is to cover administrative costs. Other inspection fees may also be required.
  • Other Fees. Applicable rental fees for City parks, facilities, and beaches, and applicable security deposits. Standard Rental fees for City parks, facilities, and beaches are listed here.
  • A Security/Damage Deposit may be required depending on the size and scope of the event. The Applicant is responsible for any damage to City property that is not covered by the security deposit.
  • Liability Insurance. Proof of insurance coverage deemed satisfactory to the City is required prior to holding a Public Gathering.
  • Alcoholic beverages. Service of alcoholic beverages is subject to additional requirements. We encourage organizers to allow an additional 3 to 4 weeks for temporary liquor application from the State of Connecticut if serving alcoholic beverages. For more information and form(s), please click here.
  • Bond requirement. to be determined by City’s Corporation Counsel.
  • Non-Assignable. Permits are personal to the applicant and strictly non-assignable and non-transferable.

NOTE: Organizers of Public Gatherings are reminded that their events are required to fully comply with all City codes, ordinances, rules, or regulations. Violations shall result in citation(s) issued to the event applicant/responsible person.

The City of Norwalk reserves the right to cancel a Public Gathering at any time, with our without notice upon public health or safety concerns as determined by the City of Norwalk in its sole and absolute discretion. The City of Norwalk shall not be liable for damages arising from the cancellation of the Event.

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